For SnoFlo®, becoming an industry leader was never our first thought when we started this venture.  However, having the ability to control unique designs, make our own decisions, and build enduring personal connections with our customers were always among our highest priorities.  Our family and friends have spent many years enjoying the great outdoors and now it’s our turn to elevate the experience and score "first tracks" together.

Imagine relaxing around a roaring campfire or the joy of playing card games with family and friends after a day in "hero snow".  These are the times we long for and always make life-long memories.  Quite often, our gatherings include engaging conversations by sharing ideas and thoughts of how to create better products that not only make a difference in the world but promote a special connection with each other and to the outdoors that we all love so much.  Now the time has come as this family pushes the SnoFlo® throttle, we are hitting the trails to make it happen. 


We believe that activities such as, snowmobiling, skiing, snowboarding, and fat tire biking scream adrenaline rush and demand top quality gear.  We are in business to listen to our customers and create a friendly atmosphere while producing amazing products and apparel.  We have always enjoyed backcountry powder, "white gold", or a groomed trail just like many of you.  Whatever your pleasure is - make it fearless.


Our trademarked brand SnoFlo® is going to leave a lasting impression for all who experience the difference.  Please join our family and friends on Facebook and Instagram to follow our epic and fun adventure.


“Grab a handful and become part of the SnoFlo® family.”

Robert Proper Jr.

SnoFlo® Founder - "Find your path."